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Design Rules

"It´s funny and edgy, and is a perfect gift for the designer that wants a good laugh or to anyone else who want a good laugh at designers." 
- Play Me Design 

The world of design is inundated with a seemingly endless list of rules. “Less is More,” “Form Follows Function,” “Keep it Simple,” “Dress Your Age,” and the list goes on and on. Some designers consider these rules as valuable words of wisdom, which serve as a guiding line and source of inspiration. Others perceive them as mere restrictions: design dogmas and fashion formulae that need to be bended, twisted or broken altogether. 

Edited by: Anneloes van Gaalen |
Design: BORN’84 | English | 3rd print | 160 pages |
Hardcover | 17 x 12 cm | € 15 |  
ISBN 978 90 6369 207 0 

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