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Film Rules

This book is meant for movie lovers, silver screen starlets and the people who get to yell ‘cut’ and ‘action’ on set.  It contains 51 movie-related rules, their history and quotes by industry leaders, Hollywood big shots, indie directors and a whole list of actors and actresses.

The rules range from helpful tips for the editors – “Kill Your Darlings” – to words of wisdom aimed at directors – “Never work with animals or children.” From horror movie clichés – “Never pick up the phone” – to the ridiculous rules of the old Hollywood Production Code – “No picture shall be produced which will lower the moral standards of those who see it” – right down to sound advice for any struggling actor or actress – “Never Sleep with the Director.”

Edited by: Anneloes van Gaalen |
Design: BORN’84 | English | 160 pages |
Hardcover | 17 x 12 cm | € 15 |  
ISBN 978 90 6369 276 6  

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